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Conclusion (#47)


So what do I want you to understand, to accept, to do?

I’m a pro-lifer, and I’m a Democrat. This is not a contradiction; I am where I belong.

Democrats and Republicans can and should provide a mechanism for balancing competing rights and responsibilities, for competing visions of the future, for competing approaches to all civic questions. We’re not enemies, I would hope; and for sure, we’re not supposed to be.

The pro-life movement is badly crippled when it tries to move forward without the perspective of pro-life Democrats. The movement needs, among other things:


·        a respect for wisdom, especially the teaching from Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount;

·        a commitment to nonviolence, which is incompatible with the habit of demonizing our opponents;

·        a clear understanding of social sin, which isn’t a partisan concept at all, but is used far more often by Democrats than by Republicans;

·        a feminist approach, especially since protecting a child depends on enlisting his mother’s help;

·        working alliances or coalitions or workable and amiable relationships with other movements fighting for peace and justice;

·        and a vision that embraces all America, all Americans – and indeed all people of good will throughout the world.


On the night before he died, Jesus of Nazareth prayed for his followers: Father, may they all be one, as you and I are one.

Amen? Amen!


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