Friday, March 8, 2013

A unified church: it’s hard to imagine such a thing!
The Sign of the Crossing is a new organization devoted to building bridges between the left and the right sides of Catholic Church.  Our starting point: we are pro-life and pro-immigration.  We believe that the right to life is paramount, but that the right to migrate is also an inalienable right.  The leaders of the Catholic Church have upheld these rights steadily and faithfully; but in the pews, the pro-lifers often sit on the Epistle side, and the pro-immigration people sit on the Gospel side.

We pray:
... that 40 million Catholic missionaries will come to the United States, planning to rebuild our culture of life.
... that we will make them welcome.
... that they will stay faithful to their heritage, cherishing their faith and their family life.
Virgin of Guadalupe, hear our prayer!