Friday, April 25, 2014

Straight Guilt

I am posting a draft of my book on marriage.  It's a companion piece, balancing the work I did on immigration.

I am convinced that there is a need for open and honest dialogue between the right and the left -- across the nation, but beginning within the Church.  If people of faith cannot bridge political differences, who on earth can?  On the cross, the Lord reached right, and reached left,and got himself nailed on both sides.  But he is tougher than hell, and if we hang onto him -- on the right or the left -- then we can't more than about five feet away from the people on the other side, can we?

Anyway, marriage.

I have tried hard to find ways to state clearly and honestly what I think, but to be respectful of people who think differently.  I worked hard, but had a good time.  If you don't laugh at some of this, you aren't paying attention.

I am posting seven pieces.  The appendices are not posted yet. I wrote three ideas that are part of this book, but do not fit into its format.  That is, I want to talk about immigration, eugenics, and Sodom.  But the book is written in one-bite-at-a-time pieces -- 90 vignettes, independent, 500 words apiece.

Should I tell the truth about the 500 word fetish?  Sure -- no one on FB expects me to be ultra-refined.  Some people find a little quiet, away from demands, sitting on the throne.  Some people even read there.  Perhaps -- I don't know -- maybe 500 words at a sitting.  I hope this book will find a place in your life.  500 words at a time.

But the material about immigration and eugenics and Sodom is extended.  Long-winded?  Anyway, way over 500 words.  If I can't slice it and dice it, and won't toss it, then I'll just nail it on awkwardly.  Three appendices.

Anyway, I have posted a draft.  I'm hoping for comments.  (On a phone, open page menu under HOME arrow.)